Hello! I’m Sita – a lover of all things red. From the colour of my car, to my favourite lip shade, all the way to the single most associated item with me, MY RED COAT.

Perhaps my childhood playing outdoors and surrounded by family in the quaint and bustling town Thika, or perhaps my years in London, the city that never sleeps, helped instil an eagerness to explore different possibilities and avenues available to me.

An artist by heart with an engineering degree under my belt, I am a ‘thinker’ (who some may perceive as a ‘dreamer’), and have a million things going through my head at any given moment.

Other than that, I have a penchant for food (and gorge on every meal as if it were my last), good books (good being the operative word – not the Fifty Shades kind of ones!), fashion (always on the lookout for the next quirky outfit) and, of course, Shah Rukh Khan.

My only form of exercise is yoga and, recently, swimming. I’m terrified of pills and strongly dislike Ugg boots, mushrooms and reality shows.

This blog is my avenue to try and eloquently release all the ramblings going on in my head, and to share all things that inspire.

Welcome to my blog and please enjoy your stay! 

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